Body Confidence Part 2/Christianity and Confidence

Hey y'all and HAPPY HUMP DAYYY!!!

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How is your week going?  No matter how rough or tough or great it's been, remember everything has a season and each emotion will not last forever.

Anyway, back to today's topic!!  Body Confidence Part 2 woohoo!!

So, last time, I talked about how fatal comparison is, how there is no one body type, and the absurdity of diets.  Today, I am going to walk you through some of my recent reflections and thoughts about body confidence.

First, be encouraged that body confidence transcends into all areas of your life.

This past week, I turned 22 (yes, I was in fact feeling 22...

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...and at family dinner, everyone went around and said something about me from this past year that they admire.  The overwhelming quality that was mentioned was confidence.

Woah.  I wouldn't have seen that coming 2 years ago.

It feels great and encouraging to know that the hard work that I've done has made a visible effect.  Not that I am doing it for compliments because I most definitely am not, but I am so overjoyed that others see the hope that I have.  That is Jesus! 

My brother said, "It's been really cool to see you become more confident in yourself this past year.  I know it hasn't been easy, but I have seen you go through the storm and come out so much more confident and that has been really cool to see."  Ahhh!! That meant so much to me!  See, your choice to live boldly and listen to your body not only improves your own life quality, but it also affects the ones you love!

When I was sick in my eating disorder, I remember my dad telling me this, "Sarah, when you restrict and don't take care of yourself, it not only hurts you, but it also hurts me and the people that you love."

when you restrict and don't take care of yourself, it doesn't only hurt you, but it hurts me and the people that you love._ (4).png

when you restrict and don't take care of yourself, it doesn't only hurt you, but it hurts me and the people that you love._ (4).png

Now that I am becoming more confident in my body and taking those steps to listen to my body, I am noticing greater confidence in my own personality.  I am more bold when I speak and in what I wear.   I am more unashamed.

Second, take those steps to continually listen to your body.

Taking those steps to listen to my body...what does that mean?  That looks like eating more when you feel hungry despite thoughts in your head (eating disorder/disordered thoughts!) like "woah, that's too much" or "I shouldn't be hungry still" or "what if this makes me gain weight" or "no one else is eating more" or "maybe I'm just thirsty or bored (lol)".

So, even when these thoughts come into my head, I choose to recognize them, hear them, then say, "Nope!  That is not true nor is it helpful for me.  Bye bye false thought.  I'm going to listen to my healthy self and listen to my body...if it's talking to me, I better listen..."

than one.png

than one.png

The funny thing (but it's actually not really funny) is that society and diet culture and even people around us who may even mean well try and tell us what we should or shouldn't eat, how many calories is deemed "ok" or "healthy", and how often we should eat or move our body and at what time.  BUT that's funny because last time I checked, my body was not talking to the Cosmo magazine, random lady at the store, or the man behind me at dinner.  Last time I checked, my body just talks to me and your body just talks to you!  :)So, remind yourself of that when you feel unsure or you feel yourself leaning toward following a false thought such as the ones listed above or a thought that a person says.  That person can choose to make a choice that you and I both know is not helpful for them.  That's really sad and unfortunate for them, but that does not affect you.



You do you, girl!  Imma do me!

Maybe even say that in your head (or out loud...whatever works) when you hear someone declaring their opinions of food and exercise.

you do you girl, imma do me..png

you do you girl, imma do me..png

Remember, your body knows what it needs and is telling you that.  (Unless you are recovering from an eating disorder.  Then, your body does not know what it needs and it's important that you listen to your treatment team and follow whatever meal plan etc. you are on.  One day, you'll be able to hear those cues again!  Trust me, I've been there.   Now, it's time for you to listen to those cues through your treatment team then one day your body will start "talking" again.)

I hope you enjoyed this part 2 and feel free to comment or message feedback or ideas/questions you may have!

Taking those steps to listen to your body are SO doable and I believe in you!

Hey Golden Darling...let's do this! :)

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