How I realized my body confidence Part 1

Hey there! :)  Happy Wednesday!  I hope your day is going great so far!  Today's topic is one that's commonly asked about, google searched, and discussed around all circles...body confidence. What is it?  What does it mean?  How does one "acquire" it?  Haha wow so many questions ;)

Well, for one, I don't know if I could ever tackle this topic without some sort of disagreement with someone since everyone has their own views.  That being said, here is my opinion based on my story and what I have experienced in my life (we are all different! :) )

Here are some things that helped me.

First, comparison.  Comparison is a gross thief that turns into a gargantuan, blood-sucking monster.  Trust me, it's sucked the life out of me and many relationships in the past and still tries to grab hold.

Comparison is a gross thief that turns into a gargantuan, blood-sucking monster..png

But, the thing is, unlike what culture/media says, there is no ideal body.

Say it: There is no ideal body.  Sorry I didn't hear you...say it LOUDER, DECLARE IT: There is no ideal body!!

There is no ideal body (1).pngThere is my body. :)  There is your body.  There is his body.  There is her body.  Do you compare the way you talk to others?  Maybe, but would you try to change your voice to match the exact tone and pitch of your friend's?  I don't think so.  Similarly, it's literally impossible to change your body to be like someone else's.  It ain't gonna happen. (sorry mom, i used ain' felt right!)

So, why try?  All that will come of that is feelings of sadness, lack of worth, and failure.  Not. fun.

When I was in treatment for anorexia, one of the dietitians at the program (Center for Discovery casual plug woohoo) told me this, "Want to know why the diet industry is one of the biggest industries in the nation?  Because it doesn't work.  If it worked, would there really be 200+ different 'this is the trick fixes'?  It is a billion dollar industry because it doesn't work.  And, even moreso, it's an industry where, if it doesn't work, convinces you it is your fault and then waits until the next 'this is the trick' comes along."  Sick, i know...

liveoWant to know why the diet industry is one of the biggest industries in the nation_ Because it doesn't work..png

So, how can we make peace with food?  Remember the TRUTH about nutrition: ALL foods fit in balance, variety, and moderation.  Your body knows what to do. :)  Various certified nutritionists will share the truth about nutrition on the tab entitled, "Nutrition" and how one can feel at peace with food.  I can't wait to share those with you very soon!  It's an amazing way to live!

Teachers Appreciation Week.pngAlso, check out @immaEATthat.  She's a great blogger and nutritionists of whom I love to read!

**Here is some more info on eating disorder treatment and disordered eating treatment/how to find peace with food:

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To sum up, the first parts of realizing my body confidence (which does go up and down sometimes, but it definitely has grown a whole lot) were realizing:

  1. Comparison is not true, they are damaging lies that will get me no where and it is not helping me.
  2. There is no ideal body.  I don't need to strive to change how I look.  I just need to live my life, listen to my desires and interests, and my body will take care of the rest (all foods fit in balance, moderation, variety...there is no bad food or good food)
  3. Diets don't work.
  4. Reading various posts from bloggers such as Real Life Rd and ImmaEATthat which I listed. :)