How I Became a Morning Person

I haven't always loved the mornings.  I actually used to strongly dislike them.  You could find me up late at all hours and then sleeping in the next day.  Waking up before 10am was not ideal and mornings were just not my favorite. Now, that's all changed.

I absolutely love my mornings.  They are one of the highlights of my day.  How did that happen?

Well, I'm not completely sure, but here's what I think:

1.)  I make breakfast delicious, enjoyable, and fun.

Once I started recovery for anorexia, I was put on a meal plan for medical reasons.  My body needed to eat at certain times.  This meant that I could no longer just sleep and eat whenever.  I had to eat by a certain time so that my body could have the nutrients it needed (like all of our bodies need).  At first, I was tired and found it very different having to get up earlier.  However, as time went on, I grew to truly appreciate that time.

Before recovery, breakfast was something that wasn't special, it just happened.  But, in recovery, I began to figure out what kinds of foods that I really liked.

Currently, my favorite breakfast is egg tacos.  I love to scramble up some eggs with some butter/olive oil, cheese, spinach, and whatever other goodies I'm feeling like sprinkling in.  Then, I warm up some fresh HEB tortillas (from the fresh tortilla section...they are THE BEST) and then I put some cheese on one side of the tortilla, then place the scrambled eggs on top of the cheese, fold the tortilla in half, then place on the skillet.  I wait until it gets to the crispiness that I want then I flip it.  Just before it's done, I splash a bunch of avocado inside, that way everything is nice and warm.  Then I cut it into triangles and dig in with a glass of milk and some salsa if I'm feeling spicy.

So, what kind of breakfast do you enjoy?  Maybe you don't really think you enjoy breakfast at all...start trying out different recipes--look around Pinterest and see what sounds good to you!  Then, try different ones out and make it fun!  Sometimes, making it look pretty can help, too!  Or, if you like coffee, maybe it's figuring out ways to make a more fun coffee drink with your breakfast in the morning.

2.)  I spend some time reading the Bible and prayer/journaling.

My faith is everything.  My relationship with Jesus is everything.  I don't always recognize Him as I wish I did, but He is so faithful and He is my Provider.  It takes time, but wanting to wake up and read His Word and learn more about who He is has shaped me into loving the mornings.  I used to have this time at night but I realized that when I'm tired, I am not always coherent.

In the morning, I am looking to Him to be my strength and my joy for the day.  Recognizing that nothing else that this day offers could ever fill me up like He can/will.

Maybe you don't have a faith or you believe differently.  That's totally cool!  Spend time in the morning preparing for your day however that looks like for you.  Give yourself a little calm before the storm. ;)

3.)  I don't rush.

I used to be that person that would sleep every last minute that I possibly could.  If I needed to leave at 7:15, I would see how late I could wake up to where I would have enough time to get ready.  Now, I actually enjoy waking up with plenty of time before my first class or thing on my agenda.

4.)  I listen to calming music (I love worship music playlists from Spotify and Austin Stone Worship).

My friend also told me about this playlist called Have a Great Day!  and I'm really loving it!

5.)  I give my body a sleep schedule that it's used to. (try to sleep and wake up at similar times)

I try to go to bed around midnight...earlier if possible and then wake up around 8am.  I try to stop using my laptop at 10/10:30pm and then limit phone use.  I'll also try to finish homework about 30 minutes or more before I get ready for bed that way my mind isn't running.  If I have time, I'll put on an episode of some show (currently parenthood) on the tv and then once I notice myself struggling to keep my eyes open, I'll get ready for bed, read some verses and do some journaling and prayer and then get into bed.

This may seem weird but it's what I've found to work for me! :)  Do what works best for YOU.

6.)  I love meeting friends for breakfast.  It's my absolute favorite meal!  If you go to UT or live in Austin and you ever want to grab breakfast or coffee, let me know! ;)

Here are some of my favorites:

My ALL TIME FAVORITE MUST GO place in when I'm home in Houston is Kraftsmen Cafe.

I love their breakfast tacos, croissant sandwich and their griddle cakes are to die for thick and fluffy!   Also, their mochas and vanilla lattes are a MUST.  (tip: be sure to sign up for their text rewards because you will get free drinks and pastries!!)

In Austin I've loved:

Classic, really close to UT campus: Texas French Bread

Super cute, amazing pastries, plus rumor has it it's owned by Sandra Bullock: Walton's

There are sooooo (and I mean soooo) many more but these are the places I've been to super recently so I thought I would shout them out.

Some Bible studies I have done recently and LOVED:

No Other Gods by Kelly Minter

What Love Is by Kelly Minter

Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio 

I also like pairing a book with Bible reading.  It's so cool how God connects the two!

So, cook up your favorite breakfast, grab a journal, or head to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop and ENJOY that morning, darling!