A Letter to Women

As you probably know, it was National Women's Day this past Thursday.  In honor of that, I wrote a letter to my future daughter/to women. National WOmen's day (1)

Dear Daughter,

I hope you know how beautiful you are.  I don't mean just outwardly, while I hope you know that, but I also mean inwardly.  Know that you were created with a purpose.  You are strong.  You are worthy of love.  You are worthy of a life filled with joy and hope.

You are prayed for.  You are redeemed.  You are believed in.  You were died for.  You are dearly loved...more than you could ever know or begin to understand.

You are cared about.  Even when you don't feel like that.  You are cherished.  Even when you don't feel understood.  You are loved.  Even when you are crying in your room, feeling like all hope is lost.  You are never abandoned.  Even when you feel more alone than you could have imagined.

It's not over.  Even when you can't see a way forward.  You are not finished.  Even when you feel empty.  You are strong.

You are more than your body.  Even when you are told time and time again that your body is your identity.  Your identity is not your body.  It is not your status.  It is not your friends' opinions of you.  It is not even your family's thoughts of you.  It is found in Christ alone.  No matter what you believe, find joy in the fact that your body and other people do not define you.  You don't have to look like anyone else.   You aren't meant to.  You don't have to act like anyone else.  You aren't meant to.  Don't let anyone make you feel insecure for your uniqueness and your beauty.  It is what sets you apart, darling.

You are golden.